"How It Works"

Send Us Your Idea:

We will take the image of our customers idea and load it into Aspire a 3D CNC design machining program. Which will provide us with the tools required to provide our customers with a simulated 3D wood carving image.

Customer Reviews Design:

Then will send the customer the images of the completed simulated wood carving and ask for their feedback. We keep doing this until we get your design idea just right.

How Much Does It Cost:

Next we let our customer know what it will cost to complete their new sign. If you like our design and agree the cost is fair. We will then send you an Email invoice.

Accepted Payments:

We accept payment by credit cards, personal, business checks and PayPal.

How Long Does It Take:

Most custom one of a kind 3 Diminshional wood carving are completed with in one calendar month.


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Yard Sign Family Name Plus 3D Carving

Wood Carved Yard Family Name Sign. Made to Order - Yard Family Name Sign with 3D Art. Wood Carved Yard Family Name Sign. Designed to proudly display your family name. Making it easier for emergency services, family and friends to find home. Letters are cut into RedWood Board.

Product Details

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3 Letter Business Logo Small

Small Up to 3 Letters Wood Carved Business Logo 4 inches and smaller. Provide use with the same image file you gave your printer to print your business Letterhead, Website or Business Cards. We will use your image to design your wood carved logo. Example logo was carved for SEO-Advertising.

Product Details

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Love Mom w/Rose

3D Heart Sign carved out of Walnut wood. Tell us what you want carved on the heart and we do the rest. Custom Designed hundres of 3D designs to pick from plus your text added.

Product Details

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Last Supper Walnut Poplar

Made to order. Ready to hang on Wall. 3 Dimensional walnut and poplar wood carving of the Jesus at the Last Supper. Which will make a great decoration for your home or office. It is 10 3/8 wide, 4 3/8 high and a little under 1 1/2 thick ( 1.44 inch ). You will find this Last Supper Caving with other 3D wood carvings for sale on our .

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